Similar to the Balanced Scorecard used in corporate planning where four perspectives are utilized to ensure a holistic consideration of the organisation, the framework for MyLife utilizes five dimensions that span the major areas of life. You set goals around these five dimensions.screenshot2

We recommend starting with the Spiritual dimension in keeping with our philosophy that God is the source.

Health & Leisure is the recommended second dimension for your planning. After treating with God, you must treat with yourself before you can treat with others.

You are free to decide the order in which you populate your goals for the remaining three dimensions; Family & Relationships, Career & Education, and Home & Money.

Remember MyLife gives you the flexibility to use just one dimension or more as per your needs.








MyLife provides you with generic options to select for your goals. Goals are what you wish to achieve by the end of your strategic plan period. Try to think of goals as the end state.

MyLife provides you with tips to assist you in developing your own specific goals if you do not want to use the generic set available.

For example, instead of selecting “Increase property equity” in the Home & Money dimension, you can enter “Get a new home” or “Renovate home”. Another example, instead of selecting “Increased learning” in the Career & Education dimension, you can enter “Learn Spanish”.

You can ‘borrow’ or apply a generic goal from another dimension if this is suitable to you. For example if you are in the fitness industry, “Nutritional excellence” may be used as a goal in your Career & Education dimension versus where it is located in the Health & Leisure dimension.


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