What is MyLifeimg_0992

MyLife is a personal strategic planning and tracking tool to assist you to meet your personal life goals.

The MyLife philosophy is grounded in a belief that God is the source of life and love; secondly, your body is a trunk to your spiritual roots; thirdly, from this trunk you can feed the branches that are your family and relationships, career and education as well as your home and finances. (create an image of the tree)

You are encouraged to take your time and plan your life goals and to allow you to do just that, you can set your plans over time, as well as, use one dimension or more as necessary.

To ensure your goals become reality, this app allows you to set reminders in your calendar and update your progress along the paths you choose.

This app can be used individually on your device, or with a partner on a device that you share.


Using MyLife

MyLife assumes that you know what your goals are. If you are looking for assistance in figuring out your direction we recommend using a Life Coach app. The generic framework and material that we provide, however, will help anyone in planning and tracking your life goals.

So Let’s Begin ……

The following pages will help you navigate through the different aspects of the MyLife App


Dimensions and Goals 


Your Schedule and

Adding Progress.