Add Progress


After you have spent some time setting your goals, targets and schedules, you will find that most of your use of the MyLife app is updating your progress and checking your progress with the report features.

Remember this is a strategic plan and your progress will be over a year or longer. Keep motivated and involved in your life plan by making time at least once a month to update your progress. If you have weekly or daily activities, then by all means update your progress even more often than monthly. Persistence is key. Steady wins this race!

Updating Progress is easy, select your Target, select Add Progress from the menu, then enter the value along with the Date occurred. MyLife will default to the measure you selected when your set your target (i.e. dollars, sessions, days etc).

Hooray! The absolute best part of MyLife is your progress donut. Select Reports from your targets menu to view your percentage completion. If you hover over the graphs, you will see your values pop-up.