It’s not enough to set a goal and targets, you must actually schedule time where you will devote yourself to conducting some activity towards achievement of your goals.

MyLife allows you to set events, mostly recurring, just as you would using a calendar.

You have the option to sync to your device’s calendar or just have the schedule saved in the MyLife app. In addition to the event itself, MyLife will automatically create reminders for you to update your progress.

Some examples:

For your Goal of “Buying a new home” and your Target named “Cost”

you can set a Plan titled “Downpayment fund”,

set a start date and time where your first contribution will be made,

set a end date and time to where your last contribution will be made,

then set Recurrence to “Monthly”.

A few targets may not lend themselves to being scheduled especially if the activity involved in unknown or ad-hoc. You therefore have the flexibility of not adding Schedules.


Final Step